Urrutia Architects is a full service architectural firm located in Palm Springs, California and founded in 1973 by Francisco J. Urrutia, FARA, AIA, providing design, planning, pre-design studies, construction documents, and construction administration services.

We are a minority owned firm consisting of licensed architects, job captains, CADD operators, and administrative personnel. We are currently licensed to practice architecture in the states of California, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico.

Because we are always striving for excellence, we are open to new approaches to design, practice up-to-date business methods, and are aware of the need to take advantage of the latest advances in technology. Our production techniques are state-of-the-art and include Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) and 3-D Modeling, providing us with a high level of efficiency; but more importantly, assuring completeness of documentation at every level of the design process. Our drawings are precise, concise, and complete.

Much of our success comes from the fact that we believe very strongly in including the client throughout the design and construction process. This begins by preparing the foundation for a complete program where the client is completely involved in establishing their needs. This involves very specific programming. We have developed very concise programming methods, which facilitate the management and development of design. We feel a concise program will evolve a more complete and effective design, which the client will be satisfied with.

Throughout the entire design process, we will involve the client to make certain their needs are met. Through innovative design and the most current engineering practices, we will evolve a design which will result in: a very aesthetically pleasing project; the efficient use of space and materials; energy management techniques resulting in energy savings to the client; and value engineering also resulting in cost savings to the client.

Having practiced in Riverside County for the past 35 years, we are familiar with the climatic conditions of the Southern California region. We have an excellent reputation with major contractors in and around the region and have a track record of being quality and service oriented.

We are accustomed to working within the budgetary constraints and demanding schedule requirements of our clients. What we have learned by our previous experiences is enhanced by our dedication to continually improve our delivery methods and, therefore, the quality of the finished product. We are dedicated to offering our clients the best quality service possible, thereby, creating a technically sound, aesthetically pleasing, and economically feasible project.

service approach
The firm of Urrutia Architects functions on a Principal/Project Manager format which we feel provides the client with effective and responsive project management, while allowing our firm to produce consistently high quality architectural services within established schedules and budgets. Under this approach, the Principal works closely on all phases of the work to assure maximum efficiency and a thorough understanding of the project.

The Project Manager is thereafter responsible for the coordination required internally with Job Captains and Draftsmen, and externally with the Consultants. Weekly contact is made with the Principal/Project Manager and Consultants to insure that all involved parties are kept apprised of the status of design development, that input may be received and given prompt response, and that production schedules are met.

All communications are made through the Principal. The Principal is responsible for all decision-making and correspondence on a daily basis and attends client meetings with the Project Manager to insure continuity of decisions throughout the project.